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4 Ways to Reduce Your Cost of Living

Updated: Jun 18

"They may seem small, but remember, every little bit really does count!"

Everyone is in a bit of a pinch at the moment. The cost of living is continuing to rise and it’s hard for anyone to catch a break! So what are some easy, actionable things that you can do to help ease the strain on your budget? Well I’m glad you asked! Here are 4 small things that you can start doing straight away to help save some pennies. They may seem small, but remember, every little bit really does count! You may not feel like you are saving a lot per day or week, but over the year it will really add up and your bank balance will thank you for it. So here they are:

1. Ditch the brand loyalty 💳

I know, I know. You have your fave brand of dry shampoo and your hair would really kill you if you decided to change. Old habits die hard, but if you are open to using other brands you can be saving quite a bit. Your usual dishwashing detergent is full price but there’s another one on special? Go for it. Your fave choccie is the usual price but another one that you kinda like is half price? You can do it. If you stop being loyal to your usual brands, you can follow the specials and save a tonne on your grocery shop.

2. Repeat outfits 👗

Please hear me out! If you have two weddings coming up, and the crowd of people will be different at the two weddings, then why wouldn’t you wear the same dress!? Who really remembers what you were wearing at an event anyway? Buying new outfits really does add up, even if you are savvy with your purchases. It’s also not as kind to the environment to have a wardrobe bursting at the seams. If you really can’t be a repeat-outfit-offender, then why not raid one of the dresses or outfits from your best friend’s wardrobe? Borrowing and swapping outfits is another quick and easy solution.

3. Stop halving meal recipes 🍽️

Have a household of 2? Instead of halving those meal recipes, cook that meal for 4! This will reduce food wastage (I mean how many half empty packets and cans have you had to throw out when halving a recipe) and also build up a freezer stash when you freeze those leftovers. Your future self will thank you when you can take one of those meals out of the freezer instead of ordering take away again.

4. Stretch out those hair appointments 💇

Even when times are tough, it is still important to treat yourself and do those things that make you feel you! After all, what’s the point of doing the daily grind if you aren’t enjoying life? If you love getting your hair done, try stretching your appointments out by 1 or 2 weeks. Over a year, you may save the cost of one or even two hair appointments.

We challenge you to try one or more of these tips - put it into action this week 👊

Want a few more tips? Check out our latest poddy ep, Tips to Manage the Rising Cost of Living, for more! And remember, be kind to yourself in these stressful times.

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