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Become a Savvy Gift Giver

Updated: Aug 14

Consider creating a "Gift Bucket" in your budget

Somehow the universe decides that ALL of the big events in your friend’s and family’s lives end up in close proximity to one another. While it is fabulous to celebrate your nearest and dearest, the widening hole in your pocket isn’t as nice! So how can you buy bargain gifts and be a savvy gift buyer? Here are our top two tips:

1. Make a Gift Calendar

Are you one of those last minute gift buyer’s? Do you run around the shops like a pork chop trying to find something, anything to give as a gift? You’ll probably end up spending more than what you want, or buy a mediocre gift. We have four words for you: Make. A. Gift. Calendar. Chances are, you know what big events you have coming up in the next few months, or even the year. So it’s time to get organised! Know your mum is turning the big 50? Your bestie has a baby on the way? Write it all down! You can use a good ol’ fashioned calendar or an app on your phone. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that you use regularly and can easily reference (so when you find an awesome pressie, you can check your gift calendar).

2. Set Aside Funds for Gifts

We all know that we love a budget. But do you actually set aside some funds for future gift buying? It’s time to start doing it now! There’s nothing worse than coming across the perfect gift, and not being able to buy it. So make sure you add a “Gift/Pressies” bucket to your budget.

If you do steps 1 & 2, this means that when sales come up (I’m looking at you Black Friday) or you come across the perfect gift, you’ll be able to buy it! You will ultimately save money in the long run because you are able to make the most of sales and discounts, and won’t be buying any last minute, over-priced gifts.

If you want more gift buying tips and tricks, check out our poddy episode tilted “How to Buy Bargain Gifts.” We also do have a stellar gift planner in our Budgeting Buddy Printable Pack.

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