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How to Save on a Night Out

Updated: Aug 14

A night out on the town, filled with dancing, drinking and laughing is brilliant. What’s not-so-brilliant is the hole that it puts in your wallet. So here are three ways that you can save on a night out:

1. Take advantage of happy hour

When planning your night out, try to work out the timings at each bar or club around their happy hours. You can save quite a bit by ordering drinks during happy hour. Who doesn’t love a half priced cocktail!? Some places will also have specials on their food items during happy hour as well.

2. Have midnight munchies at home

A fabulous night of drinking and dancing is hungry work! Having a bite to eat afterwards also helps soak up some of that alcohol. But, as you know, eating out adds up over time. So instead of making a pit stop for munchies on the way home, have some quick meals or snacks available at home. Mac and cheese, mie goreng, potato gems straight in the oven or even a good ol’ fashioned toastie are guilty pleasures that can be easily made at home with little fuss or mess.

3. Be Deso

There. I said it. How dare I! But being the designated driver will save you some serious money! On an average night out, you’re spending money on ubers, entry fees, drinks and late night snacks. You can easily spend upwards of $150. To put it in perspective, if you go out, say once a week and are designated driver once a month, you could save $1800 a year! Sure, there’ll be a bit of petrol and parking fees to take out, but that is still a significant saving!! Your body will appreciate the detox and you won’t write off your Sunday. Cheers to that!

Go on. We know that you can be deso at least once. If you can’t bring yourself to do that just yet, give the other two tips a try!

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